Welcome to Titan-Blast Gaming!

Hey there! If you are interested in Minecraft, Gameplay and Tutorial content you came to the right place. I post exactly that ;) Scroll down and you will see my content examples, social and video platforms and many more! Want to know more about my channel? If so go to about page


Check me out on Youtube where I upload Minecraft Gaming and Tutorial content. The gameplay videos vary from talking to gameplay type them self


This is where I cross stream on YouTube and Twitch. Mostly I stream Hypixel content and sometimes other gameplays too. Sometimes even Discord talks too!


In Discord server, you can chat with me and other fans, play with bots, or even listen to music and use custom/exclusive bots! It is family friendly!

Hypixel Network

I'm very active on there because I play there every single day :D! By clicking the link you can check my public Hypixel Network account stats