About my channel

Hello and welcome to TitanBlast Gaming and coding/tutorials channel! My name is Matt and I record mostly Minecraft gameplay on Hypixel server and sometimes quick tutorials in a single player world as well. I focus on PVP content (even if I bad) and you will find it in my streams and channel regularly. Also in addition to that, I sometimes post useful coding and other tips and tricks for editing and program/dashboard settings. My Minecraft IGN is Agent_Pig64 btw xD. I record and edit all content by my self. The current goal of this channel is 250 subscribers which would be amazing and in appreciation, I will release custom parkour map v2. I try to keep my content as professional as I can with free or alternative option such as stock images and intro + outro templates, so for that, I can improve it please donate, because it helps my self and the channel a lot! I always record in 1080p with 60 FPS and try to stream (if the computer allows it xD) on 1080p-720p and always at 60 fps regardless of the stream resolution. I hope you like it please subscribe and as always thanks for watching and visiting my website!



I post Minecraft related content such as PVP on Hypixel Network, Tutorials, and Entertaining stuff! Minecraft streams pop in schedule sometimes as well ;)

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Gaming Content

Minecraft is not all! I keep random gameplays up to trend! For that reason, I play and record Prison Architect, Extreme Landings Pro, World of Warships (WOWS), Racing games, mobile game and more. All edited in 1080p 60FPS and streamed 720p-1080p 60FPS!


Coding and Tutorials

Occasionally if there is something interesting I post coding and other tutorials, which include coding on Minecraft level, sep up to editing and rendering and no the less HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript coding.

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